The Division of Liberal Arts & International Studies at Colorado School of Mines (Mines) is the first to offer an International Political Economy (IPE) degree program designed specifically to give engineers and applied scientists specialized international political economy knowledge that will make them better leaders and decision makers. The philosophical foundations of Mines’ Master of International Political Economy of Resources (MIPER) are built on:

• Applying key methods and theories of international political economy and comparative
  political economy
• Understanding the role of the world’s resources and their impact on human development
  and the natural environment

The MIPER degree is not intended to be a “stand alone” degree that produces future IPE specialists, but rather is viewed as a “value adding” degree that invites in-depth knowledge in the broader global and societal contexts in which resources are produced and consumed. The MIPER program equips engineers, applied scientists, business and government executives with better analytical decision making skills by providing research and understanding of the interaction between states and markets and their effect on government behavior, corporate policy, natural resources development and country political risks.